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The Daily Vidette, located at the Corner of University & Locust in Normal, IL, was founded in 1888. Throughout its 100-plus year history, the Vidette's basic role has remained the same -- to provide a voice for the students of ISU.

The first Videttes were printed as pamphlets. In 1906 the newspaper switched to weekly publication. In 1915, the newspaper began receiving student fees and discontinued charging subscribers. Publication frequency changed from weekly to semiweekly in 1934, but returned to weekly in 1943. It was not until 1962 that the newspaper was restored to biweekly publication. Frequency of publication increased to three days per week in 1969, four days per week in 1973 and finally five days per week in 1976.

The Daily Vidette provides ISU students with professional work experience and serves as the university community's daily newspaper. The Daily Vidette is not simply a student newspaper of campus news, but rather a complete morning newspaper covering international, national, state and local news. The Vidette offers in-depth features and reviews, columnists and cartoonists.

The Vidette publishes approximately 6,500 issues a day Monday through Friday during the school year and 4,500 issues Wednesdays during the summer term.

The Daily Vidette is dedicated to the pursuit of truth, excellence and providing its readers with the knowledge they deserve.

University and Locust • Campus Box 0890 • Normal, IL 61790-0890
(309) 438-8742 • Advertising
(309) 438-5929 • Business
(309) 438-7685 • Classifieds
(309) 438-2883 • News
(309) 438-5211 • Fax

Editor in Chief - Kari Lee
News Editor - Ben Eveloff
Features Editor - Sandi Nowakowski
Sports Editor - R. Jake Flannigan
Photo Editor - Christine Wolniak
Night Editor - Amy Vander Meer
Online Editor - Allison Barrett
Ad Production Manager - Adam Chaloeicheep
Ad Sales Manager - George Kolar
Business Manager - Jayme Everett
Classifieds Manager - Lindsey Rademacher

The Daily Vidette is published daily Monday through Friday every week, except for final examinations, holidays and semester breaks. Students are responsible for the content of The Daily Vidette and views presented do not necessarily represent, in whole or in part, those of the Illinois State University administration, faculty or students. The Vidette is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press and the Illinois College Press Association. Subscriptions are available, by mail, to anywhere in the United States for $125 per calendar year.

Serving the ISU community since 1888
© Daily Vidette, Illinois State University

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